1$ Non-Refundable Processing Fee

If you register as a General Bidder, You are required to be address verified. Before you can list any house or place any bid, you must pay the $1 Non-refundable Verification Processing Fee. It is a one time charge if you are successfully verified. It is not a membership fee for this web site or related to the use of listing house or bidding house properties in this web site. Its purpose is to identify you by verifying your address, and ListaRealestate.com will be able to enforce the rules. Once your address is verified, you won't be able to change or update your address in our record.

ListaRealestate.com uses Paypal payment processor to process the address verification. When you login and click on the Verify Me button and go to the address verification page. You must pay the $1 Non-refundable Verification Processing Fee by Paypal.