Frequently Ask Question.

Is there a monthly fee for General Member?

How many house the General Member Can list?


Does the General Member require to pay $1 non-refundable Verification Processing Fee evey month?
No. One time charge.

Can the General Member list more houses?
No. Other membership are available which require monthly fee.

How to attend Open House?
Both the potential buyer and the seller should bring a friend with them and carry a cell phone. Potential buyer should ask many questions and look at the condition of the house. Some of the questions are whether the property is located in a flood zone, earthquake zone, etc. The seller shall follow the guidelines with regards to state's disclosure requirements for the house. Potential buyer shouldn't purchase any house without seeing it first. Potential buyer shall make sure that the house key that the person hold can actually open the house. It is important. Potential buyer don't want that the man in the house simply because the door was opened. Always check the house page open house category to be sure the seller has not changed the day.

Should I hire an attorney to buy a listed property?
The potential buyer is always encouraged to seek any legal advice in any other source in the real estate transaction process. The potential buyer may insist to use his or her attorney to draw Sales Agreement. If not, the potential buyer may hire his or her attorney to read the Agreement before signing it. An attorney will always protect potential buyer's interest if the potential buyer hire him regarding the contract. The attorney should be specialized in real estate. It is better if it is referred by a friend.

Care must be taken to pay real estate DEPOSIT?
You may not hire an attorney yet at that time. The potential buyer should be sure that the person who takes the Deposit is what he or she claims to be. The potential buyer should always keep record of the payments.